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Two logos, they're 3 sides of a box. One logo, each side is a letter, with C as the top face. The other repeats CSS 3 times per side.
A series of images of an avatar doing a bunch of skateboard tricks.

A CSS logo‽

2 min read

A not so serious pair of logos about CSS. Randomly created, but the final "thing" is definitely working in some ways. I think?

Fun attributes:

  • playful use of boxes
  • uses the system font (def looks different on my machine 😉)
  • light / dark theme adaptive
  • resize adaptive
  • position in CSS 3D perspective
  • no position absolute


  • not loading a font?
  • trying harder to use skew()
  • no accessibility testing
  • not using container queries somehow
  • sticking to system colors

Dramatic glowy #

Neat-ish. Take away the glow and it still stands.

Cube marquee #

Where did these come from? #

I saw a brand do something similar with different letters, and I imagined CSS could do something really similar, but its way. CSS is about making boxes, a CSS logo could make a box.

Then I wanted it to be adaptive to color, resize, more… and well its been fun, but I kinda wanna pass the torch. See what some forks can do? :wink wink:

STEAL THIS! Use this wherever you want; no restrictions.

There's some neat opportunities for 3D rotating on the transform of .cube; accelerometer or mouse position much?

Does CSS need a new big 4 instead? 😉

Mentions #

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non-animated variants

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