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Screenshot of the tool open in Safari and the browser chrome matches the colors of the gradient.
A series of images of an avatar doing a bunch of skateboard tricks.

A next-gen HDR CSS gradient builder

1 min read

Still a lot to do but also already offering a lot to learn! So stoked to release this for public availability 🤘🏻💀

get started #

Try the tool at

Joining the Discord channel:

  • ask questions
  • give feedback
  • request features
  • get help

cross browser #

It's a little ahead of it's time, as Firefox doesn't fully support all the features yet, but it will and this tool is worth investing time into now.

special features #

Learning opportunities for:

  • double position syntax
  • transition hints
  • wide gamut color picking
  • hue interpolation methods
  • linear angle keywords
  • radial size keywords

Hope it helps you as much as it's already helped me!

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