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CSS4 RFC is live and ready for community feedback!

The CSS4 Community Group has been meeting weekly to categorize every CSS feature into CSS3, CSS4, and CSS5.

Yep, you read that right, CSS5.

  • Curious what features are in each bucket?
    The RFC has it all laid out.
  • Disagree with a categorization?
    Make a comment!

We want to hear from you. Help us ensure we've mapped the features into buckets you agree with, can teach, can learn, and can grow with.

Check it out

some title

Join the conversation on

  • Chris Coyier
  • 7 Juicy Herbs For Inner Nourishment
  • Keith J Grant
  • Paul Jones :battery_low:
  • Timo Tijhof

@argyleink @chriscoyier View Transitions is CSS 6. The rest is fine.


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