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I had the pleasure of speaking at Epic Web Conf in Park City, Utah!

My talk was titled:
Lightning in a Bottle with CSS Custom Properties

Took a workshop on Remix and Shopify, watched to great talks about the web, OneWheeled, and hungout with Kent, Una, Chan, Annie, Ryan, Theo and many more 馃

Lovely event, people, & location.


lightning in a bottle with css custom properties. how to guard css sytems with type safe @property variablesscreenshot from the conference homepage

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  • Penelope
  • Tony Ward

@argyleink as a maintainer of a design system that uses a BUNCH of CSS vars, `@property` looks like an incredible feature, but...

My tech lead won't green light its adoption because he believes defining types for each of our CSS vars will bloat our CSS/increase our bundle size sadness

Do you have any info on how these definitions might impact bundle size?

sarah sachssarah sachs

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